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Biskra or "Beskra" is a city and oasis in north-eastern Algeria with 190,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), at the northern edge of the Sahara. Biskra is the centre of the Zab group of oases located in the depression between the Aurès Massif and the Tell Atlas Mountains. It is the capital of Biskra province with 650,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) and an area of 20,986 km².

biskra centre       to Visit and Meet Biskris peopls

   Biskra is well-connected with other urban centres in Algeria, with road, rail and a national airport. Batna lies 120 km northeast and El Oued 230 km southeast. Biskra is nice city with broad, tree-lined streets and many public gardens.

This web-site is the bridge which leads you to meet Biskris, people of hospitality and generosity. Don’t hesitate to post your subjects in the Forum and transmit all idea or question about our nice City, Forum.


        Tourism and conviviality

biskra casino biskra artisanatNational tourism is also of importance to Biskra, due to its nice winter climate and sulphur springs "Hammam Salhine", which are used both for recreation and the treatment of rheumatism and skin diseases. Without forgetting the richness history, cultural and geographical of Ziban and all its beautiful oases, through the photographs of the incredible Sites which give the desire for going there.


       Travel by Photos through the past and the present

dattes de biskra   On the Photos Heading, you can to travel through two times, the first one, with recent colour photos, taken in all places of the city and its oases. The second one is through the postcards taken in the France period colonisation. These postcards present great simplicity, purity and the originality of the city and its habitants during the French period.

   The economy is mainly based on large scale agriculture, which is made possible with water collected in the Wadi Biskra Dam, and distributed by irrigation. The main product is dates, of which the high-quality Deglet Nour is grown in the Tolga oasis 36 km to the west. Other important products include wheat and barley, figs, pomegranates, apricots and olives.


    History Personalities and arts


The area was the site of the Roman military post of Vescera.

9th century: The area is conquered by the Muslims.

12th century: The Zab gains partial independence, and Biskra serves as capital.

13th century: Falls to the Hafsid dynasty.

1552: Conquered by the Ottomans.

1844: The French conquer Biskra and establish a garrison here.

1849: A fort, named Saint-Germain, is built on the site of the former kasbah. It is finished 2 years later.

1969: Great floods destroy much of the Zab oasis. (personnalities)


       Current events of the city, regional, national and international news

   On the news heading,, you find all of news of Biskra city, Algeria and the rest of the world. Several filed articles of the various newspapers. You can add comments on each article or send your suggestion to us on the site.

       Your good plan to visit

   Coming from the north, Biskra will give you a feeling of what is waiting further south. This is an oasis of 150,000 date palms producing first class dates. Exploring the palmeraie, or bathing in the thermal baths are among the more popular things to do for visitors. The city of Biskra is a charming place, though there is little architecture beyond modern buildings and wide roads. The market of Biskra is worth the visit, also for buying your own bags of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Eat and Sleep: Surprising wide range of both hotels and restaurants, especially good on restaurants.

Transportation: Air flights to Algiers, Adrar, Ghardaïa and Tamanrasset. Train connections to Constantine (4h) and Touggourt (4h30m). Buses and taxis will bring you to all likely destinations.

Going next:           200 km south: Touggourt                     300 km southeast: El Oued

                             100 km northeast: Batna                     200 km west: Abu Saada

hauts plateaux nord Biskra Wed Jdai, vue proche d'elkantara

Mountains in north of Biskra

Jdai wadi or River, near Elkantara

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